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Articles are the words A, An & The. There are two types of articles:

A) The Definite Article
The is called the definite article because it points to a particular person, thing, place, etc which we are sure of. For examples, this is the man who helped my friend, that is the car I saw yesterday.

The is used:
* When we speak of a particular (thing, etc). For example, I lost the ball which I borrowed from you, etc.
* To describe the only one. For example, the sun, the world, the sky, etc.
* Before the name of some famous building/landmark, oceans, mountains, etc. For example, The Great Wall of China, The Nile, The Red Sea, etc.
* When talking as a whole e.g. a whole class, group, etc. For example, The border collie is a smart dog, etc.
* Name of important books. The Quran, The Bible, etc.
* Name of certain organisations, etc. For example, The United Nations, The Labour Party, etc.

B) The Indefinite Articles
A an An refer to any one thing or person. For example, get me a ruler, give me an exercise book. 

A is used:
* Before words which begin with a Consonant. For example, a man, a book, a cat, etc.
* Before words with a long sound of "U". for example, a university, a uniform, etc.
* Before the word one. For example, a one-way street, a one-time payment, etc.

An is used:
* Before words which begin with a vowel. For example, an orange, an egg, etc.
* Before words with silent "H". For example, an hour, an honest boy, etc.

Articles (A, An, The) are not used:
* Before a person's name. For example, Ali came to my house. Not a Ali/an Ali/the Ali came to my house.
* Before the name of places, towns, cities, etc. For example, Sabah is a beautiful place. Not  a Sabah/an Sabah/the Sabah is a beautiful place.
* Before materials. For example, gold, silver, rubber, etc. Gold is found in Taiwan. Not a gold/an gold/the gold.
* Before abstract nouns. For example, We love beauty. Not we love a beauty/an beauty/the beauty).

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